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Review the following guide(s) to get you set up appropriately on our site. Particular areas of interest: Upload/select an avatar, and update your wow character info.

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Guild, Mumble, & Website Features.

Macro's/Addons/Guides will be found in here.

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Guild, Mumble, & Website Features.

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Last update: 5/9/17

- Mumble|Macro -

Code: Select all

/i <SCH> Mumble
/i | 36271 | schweet
/p <SCH> Mumble
/p | 36271 | schweet
/g <SCH> Mumble
/g | 36271 | schweet
/ra <SCH> Mumble
/ra | 36271 | schweet

- User Control Panel (UCP) -

Custom Profile Fields
  • About: You can link to your Wow Armory, Warcraft Logs, and WoW Progress.
    • Go to your User Control Panel or click here.
    • Click on "Profile."
    • Complete the fields except for: character URL & character avatar.

  • About: Basically look at the picture to the left... How do you get one of your own?
    • Go to your User Control Panel or click here.
    • Click on "Profile."
    • Click on "Edit Avatar."
    • Follow the self-intuitive interface.

  • About: Show off something unique about you in the bottom of every post you make!
    • Go to your User Control Panel or click here.
    • Click on "Profile."
    • Click "Edit Signature," and follow the directions or play with the options!

- Random Site Features -

Uploading Files
  • About: Whenever you make a post you have the capability of posting a file with it so check it out next time you post! Screenshots, zip files, and related stuff you can add!
    • Create a post or reply to one, and look down at the bottom of the page for "Upload attachment."
    • Choose and select the file you're looking for.
    • Click "Add the file."
    • And be sure to click submit and you're done!

  • About: BBcode gives you full customization in the appearing or use of utilities on our site to change the way your posts look and feel to users.
    • Linking YouTube Video's
      • Code: Select all

      • Make sure you remove the "s" from https.
      • Make sure in regards to the actual video link, "TLzhlsEFcVQ." If there's a video you link that has the following, TLzhlsEFcVQ&1234, be sure to delete everything from the "&" and so on so it looks like, "TLzhlsEFcVQ," and not "TLzhlsEFcVQ&1234."
    • Linking WoW Items
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