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Joining <SCH>!

If YOU are interested in joining <Street Corner Horde>, then you need to click on this forum and then view "JOINING <SCH>! (How...)."

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Joining <SCH>!

Post#1 » Aug 27th, 2014, 2:41 am

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Joining <SCH>!
We have ZERO tolerance for nonsense.

- Raiding Information -

Raid Days|Times [EST]
  • [M] Mo.Tu.We: 8:30p-12
  • [H] Sunday's: 8:30p-12 (Required for trials).

- Application Procedures -

Guild Mentality
  • Emotional Intelligence: Non-sense is not tolerated & you're to have a logical mindset.
  • Follow the given directions below to help guide you in completing a successful application with us.
    • If you lack the ability to follow directions, then don't bother applying.
      • Reason? If you can't follow directions here, how the hell are you going to in raid?
  • If you need your application to be private. Get in contact with us.
  • Understand we carry more than a 20man roster. Because we're working adults. Life happens where we're taken away from the game sometimes. Our guild has to have redundancy to ensure it's success, and we do everything in our power to avoid "benching." There is never a given "core" spot in our raids, we use a priority raid spot rotation system, and we use a loot spreadsheet system to rotate players. We take care of the guild in getting progression kills first, and then the guild takes care of it's players. We do what's best for the guild, not the individual...

HOW To Register
You will need to register before you can apply.
  • REGISTER as your GAME NAME! MEANS NO #'s or funky letter crap!
    • If your name is taken, let us know.

Contact Us
If you need to contact us, our battletags are provided.

Guild Policy
You're responsible for knowing our guild policy manual.
  • Link, here.
    • Our guild policy manual (GPM) covers in detail of how our guild operates.
      • *Hint* Know how to get invited to a guild raid or guild event invites. Search in GPM for, "Raid or Guild Event Invites."

  • Required AddOns
    Guild AddOns & Recommendations
  • Required Links
    You will need the following links prepared for your application...
  • Required Screenshot(s)
    You will need to have a screenshot ready to upload to our site OR have a link ready to provide.

READY To Apply?
  • Your reputation starts/ends with this application.
  • START your application: here.

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